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Macbook repair

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Apple repair service

Apple products are in constant demand and user love, thanks to its functionality and excellent quality. It has long been a necessary working tool and therefore failure of the gadget is often an undesirable problem. Basically, 80% of the causes of Apple’s equipment failure is physical damage to the device. Today there are quite a lot of service centers specializing in providing these services – one of them is Apple Lab.  Our subsidiaries are located in many CA cities We have specialists and engineers who are able to put in order any device released by Apple.

Apple Lab Service Center offers you a full range of services for the official repair and diagnostics of the U.S. corporation’s equipment: laptops, tablets

  • Repairing the iPhone
  • Repairing a MacBook
  • Repair MacMini
  • Repair iMac.

We repair quickly and efficiently. Some services can be performed in the presence of a client or taken photos of the work done (within 30-60 minutes).

Only original parts are used for authorized repairs. If the customer wants to reduce the cost of urgent repairs or speed it up, the original part can be replaced with quality copies of it.

Key types of Apple repairs

  1. Keyboard repair, speaker replacement, laptop battery.
  2. Replacing glass, touchscreen, auditory speaker, microphone, Home buttons on iPhone.
  3. Repair iPad and iMac: replacement of graphics card, motherboard, power supply, etc.
  4. In addition to warranty repair services, we offer settings, unlocking, jailbreak, firmware restoration, reinstalling the operating system, device diagnostics.

Apple Service Center in Modesto

This is not a complete list of our services. We can offer you almost any repair of Apple products at a low price. Although the products of the “big apple” are considered one of the highest quality in the world, the impact of the human usage can have a detrimental effect on it. Therefore, it is very important that in case of trouble with your faithful assistant you know that our company – Apple service center will always come to the rescue! Our masters will be able to perform a complex express repair of your device with the departure to you at home or in our office. On the breakdown of any other laptops and computers of all brands – our service works