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Apple Watch repair

The Apple Watch was a kind of technological breakthrough. Previously, such a device could be found only in actors who act in films of a fantastic genre. Today, such a miracle of technology is available to everyone.
Apple is famous for its high-quality products, but from a variety of life situations, leading to the breakdown of gadgets, no one is safe.

The malfunctions that the Apple Watch may encounter are different: battery failure, broken screen glass, buttons responsible for turning on or strap. Let’s take a closer look. The technology of fixing this element has been patented and is the pride of the experts working on it. Anything can happen to the strap. However, replacing it on a smartwatch is the most elementary type of repair. In a place where the strap is fastened with the body, there are two small buttons. It is worth clicking on them – as both elements are disconnected. The first stage is completed – the damaged belt is removed. Then the replacement is carried out: the new strap is inserted into the hole and fixed with the help of special magnets, no buttons need to be pressed. This is one of the few cases when the Apple Watch does not have to be disassembled. For other repairs, you need to remove the display to view the internal contents of the device.

The item is located at the bottom of the case on the right side. Before you panic and start the procedure of replacing the button, restart the apple clock. In most cases, this will help fix the “breakdown.” You need to press the on/off button and hold for 10 seconds. If nothing has happened, a replacement is needed. For this type of work, you should remove the glass and repeat all the stages again.

Repair of the Apple watch can be carried out at any Service Center

As already said, the correction of problems can be carried out independently, at home. Unfortunately, in most cases the “masters” worsen the situation. All procedures are painstaking work, requiring certain knowledge, skills, as well as special tools. Our professionals will do everything in the best possible way. And your Apple Watch will last for a long time. It should be remembered that the repair of the device can not be compared with the assembly and disassembly of the plastic.