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Macbook repair


Removing viruses and trojans, antivirus protection

No sound

Set up your operating system, repair your MacBook

Do not turn on

Diagnosis, repair and customization


Diagnosis and repair, cleaning of the cooling system

Warms up

Diagnosis and repair, cleaning of the cooling system

Damaged screen

Replacing a damaged screen


Replacing a damaged keyboard

Filled with liquid

Repair water damage


Apple products are notable for their reliability, so the are very popular on the US market. iPhones and tablets of this company – convenient satellites at work and leisure. Apple laptops have the same reputation. They are compact in size and original in combination with high performance and functionality. This technique breaks very rarely, but there are exceptions to the rules.
If the first signs of a malfunction occur, contact the service center for detailed diagnosis and repair of the Macbook. The computer has a complex structure and a high cost, so it is not recommended to repair the device yourself. The service center masters know the weaknesses of the laptop and will identify the breakdown very quickly. Apple laptop owners are contacting the service center because of these problems:

  1. Faulty thermosensors;
  2. Damage to the graphics card
  3. Macbook spilled liquid
  4. Faulty the motherboard of the computer
  5. Damage to the screen, the matrix.

Damaged thermosensors are a common reason why Apple laptop owners turn to the workshop. If you do not fix this problem in time, the laptop will overheat, and this will cause a number of problems: damage to the processor, graphics card and motherboard. Fixing serious problems is an expensive service. So if you notice that your laptop is very warm, bring it to the Apple service center or call the wizard at home.

If the Macbook is no longer on warranty, the owner needs to look for a service center on his own. Now in Modesto there are several hundred workshops for repairing Macs. Repairing Apple’s Macbooks is a difficult task that not every workshop can handle. Our service center is working to repair Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The service center should be equipped with special equipment and a tools that allows to disassemble and diagnose the device quickly and accurately. Our masters have experience with Apple technology. In addition, it is important that the service center has access to the original parts for Apple laptops, and the owner does not have to wait several weeks for the repair to be completed. Price is also an important factor when choosing a service center.

The service center in Modesto diagnoses and repairs Apple laptops since its introduction on the US market. Masters carry out repair and replacement of any computer modules, as well as increase the volume of HDD, and put quite SSD, clean the device from dust, install software. The service center provides a warranty for all works and parts used.